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Face Care

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Skin Filler Cream: Due to the high content of Hyaluronic Acid, IVYNano cream has superior capability to retain moisture in the skin. It prevents loss of skin firmness and pliability. Regular usage of this cream results in youthful and lifted skin with softened expression line.

Rejuvenation and regeneration: IVYNano’s Collaxyl IS – Polypeptide containing Hexapeptide 9 is an advanced peptide that is clinically proven to remove acne scar as it effectively heals the damaged scar tissue by stimulating collagen synthesis of extracellular matrix.

Collagen Infusion: As we grow, cells in our skin grow, too. Due to this, skin gets vulnerable to damage. IVYNano cream is here to help you prevent this. The cream contains an anti-oxidant called Marine Collagen that triggers the production of new and healthy collagen by stimulating Type III collagen deep down within the skin care.

Prevention, Protection, and Anti-aging: IVYNano cream is enriched with Vitamin A and C. Vitamin A heals skin wounds and expedites the process of healing. It also protects the skin against UV radiation. The anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C guards skin from harmful free radicals.

Meet Dr. Ivona Igerc

Dr. Ivona Igerc graduated with honors from the Medical University of Rijeka Croatia, specializing in cosmetic dentistry with a special interest in surgery, TMJ disorders and esthetic medicine. She has her own clinic in Rijeka and she practices medicine and dentisty together with her family.